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Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions

When the Eagle Trace Subdivision plan was approved by Jackson County, the developers included protective covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs), the fulfillment of which assured prospective lot buyers and owners that the development would be attractively designed, promptly completed, landscaped, and suitably maintained. These CC&Rs, which run with the land, are part of the purchase contracts the subdivision agreed to and signed during its purchase closing. In doing so, residents agreed to give each other mutual assurance that Eagle Trace would mature into a desirable place to live and protected and enhanced property values. Cooperative adherence to the CC&Rs is the responsible and considerate avenue to the quality neighborhood we all sought in buying here.


Enforcement of the established Medford rules and regulations applying to the use of streets and public sidewalks in the subdivision is under the jurisdiction of the city. Contact the city office directly on each particular situation in Eagle Trace of concern to you.

The CC&Rs for each of the five phases of our development vary somewhat, however, each contains protections such as summarized below: 

  1. All lots shall be used exclusively for residential purposes.

  2. Building plans, including modifications and additions, maintenance, exterior materials, and colors are subject to approval by the Architectural Control Committee.

  3. Buildings, once started, shall be completed within eight months.

  4. Landscaping of the entire lot will be completed within six months of the completion of the dwelling.

  5. Landscaping shall be maintained to comply generally with the standards of adjacent lots and shall not be used for storage of equipment or materials.

  6. Construction equipment and materials may be stored on lots, as required, only during dwelling construction. No subsequent storage of equipment or materials is permitted.

  7. Parking and Storage of boats, trailers, motorcycles, buses, trucks, and truck campers shall not be allowed on any part of any lot nor on public ways except when confined to closed garages, storage ports, or behind screening fences or shrubbery with no projections beyond the front wall of houses or garages. No junk, wrecked or inoperative cars will be permitted anywhere within the subdivision.

  8. Trash, garbage, and other waste shall be kept in sanitary containers and out of the public view.

The above summary is informational only. You may refer to the applicable CC&Rs for your property below to evaluate specific language. Check out the phase map or read the addresses listed below to find which phase you live in. 

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Phase 1

  • Eagle Trace 4571–4618

  • Torrey Pines 4621–4631

  • Cloudcrest 4609–4630

  • All Cypress Point

  • All Merion

Phase 2

  • Eagle Trace 4622–4713

  • All Pebble Beach

  • All Avenel

  • All Spyglass

  • All Hillcrest

Phase 3

  • Torrey Pines 4637–4751

  • All Doral

  • All Wailea

  • All La Costa

Phase 4

  • Torrey Pines 4758–4781

  • Cloudcrest 4790

  • All Cherry

  • All Oaktree

Phase 5

  • Cloudcrest 4635–4786

  • Cloudcrest 4791

  • All Bermuda

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Transfer of Control

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