October 10, 2021

As a part of our Firewise plan for ETHOA, we ask you to please review and sign up for the links below:

Citizen Alert:

Community Connect:

Disaster Registry:

These links are also available under Safety > Important Resources.

Evacuation Zones can be found at:

Reminder to residents:

  • Remove all flammable materials from zone 1 of the home ignition zone (0-5 feet). 

  • Replace all flammable ground cover such as bark chips and bark mulch with non-flammable alternatives. 

  • Remove all highly flammable vegetation such as juniper, arborvitae, and leland cypress.

May 29, 2021

Prize Winners for 2021 Membership

Lane/Sasha Edwards $50 Olive Garden Gift Card

Robin Kenney $25 Outback Gift Card

William Tracy $25 Bath & Body Works Gift Card

Bob/Judy Roe $25 Red Robin Gift Card

Robert/Diane Hearth $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Bruce Chamberlain $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Sandra/Danon Heath $25 Red Lobster Gift Card



2021 Update

Due to the continued restrictions with COVID-19, the annual ETHOA General Meeting and breakfast will be canceled again this year, however, if you are a current member you will be eligible for the prize drawing on May 29th.


There is a need for one or two more gate keepers. Please contact Bob Roe, 541-734-7393, if you would like to help our neighborhood and the City by opening and closing the Prescott Park gate.