June 12, 2021

Neighborhood Garage Sale

The annual neighborhood garage sale will be held on June 12, 2021. Get your stuff ready soon! Each year brings lots of customers.


May 29, 2021

Prize Winners for 2021 Membership

Lane/Sasha Edwards $50 Olive Garden Gift Card

Robin Kenney $25 Outback Gift Card

William Tracy $25 Bath & Body Works Gift Card

Bob/Judy Roe $25 Red Robin Gift Card

Robert/Diane Hearth $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Bruce Chamberlain $25 Fred Meyer Gift Card

Sandra/Danon Heath $25 Red Lobster Gift Card



2021 Update

Due to the continued restrictions with COVID-19, the annual ETHOA General Meeting and breakfast will be canceled again this year, however, if you are a current member you will be eligible for the prize drawing on May 29th.


There is a need for one or two more gate keepers. Please contact Bob Roe, 541-734-7393, if you would like to help our neighborhood and the City by opening and closing the Prescott Park gate.