The construction of the Eagle Trace Subdivision (also known as the Sun Ranch Subdivision early on) started in 1989 at the west end of Eagle Trace Drive (which was a dead end at the time). The subdivision quickly expanded in five phases during the following years (phase map), and reached its present layout in 1994. As of 2016, there are 232 homes within the 78-acre subdivision, along with 4 vacant lots.

In 1996, neighbors banded together and formed the East Hills Home Owner's Association to discourage a proposal to construct a commercial business complex in the subdivision. The complex was planned to be on the northwestern corner of the eastern intersection of Eagle Trace Drive and Hillcrest Road. The association succeeded, and the complex was never built.

The East Hills Home Owner's Association was renamed the Eagle Trace Home Owner's Association (ETHOA) in July of 2001. ETHOA began not as a policing agency, but as a place for home owners to comment or express their concerns about the neighborhood or CC&Rs and to help mediate their disputes if necessary.

Roxy Ann fire, July 1994, looking northeast from the corner of Eagle Trace and Pebble Beach