On June 3, 2016, ETHOA achieved national Firewise Communities/USA recognition status with the cooperation of Medford Fire-Rescue and the Oregon Department of Forestry, making us the first Firewise Community in Medford! The Eagle Trace Subdivision will receive outdoor signs to be placed in high visibility locations in our community. These signs will denote our current active status in the program. After annual renewal requirements have been met during the first quarter of each year, new sign decals will be received every calendar year.

A recognized Firewise Community is one that is engaged in wildfire risk reduction activities. The recognition encourages neighbors to work together to reduce the risk in their area. It is driven by community involvement with the goal of making the neighborhood safer with properties and homes more resistant to wildfire.Visit Firewise on Facebook here to connect with experts and other communities.

The benefits of becoming a Firewise Community include:

  • Creates more defensible space by reducing flammable fuels in the neighborhood
  • Improves property value while reducing the risk of loss
  • Enhances community relationships with local fire agencies
  • Encourages good neighbors
  • Promotes peace of mind (you have done everything you can to prepare your home and property for a wildfire)
  • Opens up possible grant opportunities

On June 30, 2016, the United Services Automobile Association (USAA) announced that they are extending a fire peril homeowners discount to their policy holders who live in one of the 102 active Oregon Firewise Communities. Read more details here.

Bob Roe, ETHOA President, holding the award presented by Medford Fire Chief Brian Fish on behalf of the National Fire Prevention Association